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Budgeting your life on $10 a day.
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Helping each other live happily on $10 a day.
The very first thing I want you to do when you join this community is simple. Write out both lists required below. The necessary versus luxury spending list, and the emergency versus non-emergency list. Post them for your fellow budget friends to see. Everyone's lists will be different, and we will all get ideas from each other.

This community is for people who would like to keep track of their daily spending habits while on the $10 a day budget. Here's how it works:

* Decide what constitutes necessary/consistent spending, like monthly bills, rent, and insurance. Then, decide what is luxury/variable spending, like going out to eat, renting movies, buying a new "toy".
* On payday, withdraw $150 in small bills. Ones, fives or tens, whichever you prefer.
* Keep the $150 in an envelope somewhere in your home.
* Starting on payday, take $10 out of your stash. This is your spending cash for the day.
* At the end of that day, whatever is left carries over into the next day, and so forth.
* Still carry it with you, but ONLY use your check/credit card for emergencies. Emergency room visit? Yes. Emergency video game at Best Buy? Not so much. This requires a list, similar to your first list of necessary versus luxury spending. You must stick to BOTH of these lists!

If you are having trouble saving up for a new digital camera, do what I did! Save up your $10 for 18 days, and voila--the new digital camera is yours! Need some new clothes, but want to go out for lunch every day at work? Go somewhere cheaper over lunch or pack a lunch! Save that $$ toward your next shopping spree!

Feel free to share all of your ideas, thoughts, and experiences with everyone. I used this budget last year and it yielded me amazing results. You start thinking more about every purchase. You start to plan ahead for activities that involve spending. You spend more time using the entertainment items that you already have at home. You eat the food that's been sitting in your cupboard just waiting for you to eat it instead of going to the grocery to buy more. Give this budget a try and spread the word! :)