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money money money
I got really lucky over the weekend as far as fundage goes.

Friday: spent $5 cover at the Turf Club
Saturday: spent $4 as a tip at Ginger Hop for the server--my meal was taken off the bill because it was SO TERRIBLE. Jerry paid for my ticket to the Haunted Basement, and I didn't drink at Grumpy's since I didn't get to eat dinner.
Sunday: spent $20 at the grocery store on food and baking supplies. The rollover money from previous days helped out a lot.
Monday: spent zero dollars!
Tuesday: spent $8 at the grocery on dinner supplies. We had enough $$ at Suzi's to where I didn't have to pay for my beers. :)
Wednesday: spent zero dollars!
Thursday: spent $6.41 at Chipotle after the gym with Jess and Crystal.

Financial forecast:

Friday: shouldn't have to spend any money, since I've got booze to bring with to the party I'm going to, and I already have my costume pieces. I plan to spend the day working tomorrow at Jerry's or at a coffee house.
Saturday: shouldn't have to spend much if anything, unless we go out to lunch or dinner.
Sunday: shouldn't have to spend much, but will need a tank of gas sooner than later.

I *did* give myself a small "new car needs" budget. I bought de-icer for the winter, a scraper/brush combo for the snow, and a bottle of windshield washer. I think I spent $17 on that, and I'm contemplating giving myself one tank of gas off the bat. We'll see. :)

day one: mission accomplished
Even though a friend and I were having an "unemployment wine party", she treated me to the wine and lunch. Score! I went to see Where the Wild Things Are with Jerry and Brian, at the cost of $9.25.

Day two starts off with an extra $0.75! :D

This weekend will be hard--a show at the Turf Club tonight ($6 cover, I hear...), Brandy's birthday tomorrow, and the Soap Factory Haunted Basement. Maybe I'll get lucky and Jerry will let me pay him next week for the Basement ticket. The $20 just won't happen at this point if I'm going out to celebrate the birthday.

I *am* thinking about cheating and taking Sunday's $10 with me on Saturday. I know I'm not going out anywhere that requires money on Sunday, so I think this is ok for special circumstances. By drinking water tonight, that puts an extra $4 toward Saturday, giving me a grand total of $24 to play with for Brandy's birthday.

The first few days of this budget are always the hardest. Especially if you start on a Thursday or Friday. At least, if you started on Monday, you'd have all week to save up for the weekend. I'm getting there, slowly but surely. :)

love xkcd style
I'm starting this Thursday, and I already have to start planning! Jerry and I are going to the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement on Saturday with Brandy and JD. Tickets are $20. I am planning on meeting Anna on Friday in Uptown for shopping, and I think I can beg off lunch since I start at 3pm. I have to not spend anything on Thursday, Friday OR Saturday to be able to fully afford this event...I'm sure we'll go out somewhere before or after. Eek!

Necessary spending:

+ rent
+ loans
+ car insurance
+ utilities
+ cell phone
+ bus pass when I don't have a car

Luxury/variable spending:

+ going out to eat
+ new clothes (I usually shop thrift stores/clearance racks)
+ Woot shirts (tee hee!)
+ groceries (I eat often at work, and usually spend about $15/week at the grocery)
+ gas for the car (the car is a luxury to me, not a necessity)
+ new toys
+ beer

I know that groceries for most people will be in under necessary spending. If I ate more regularly at home, it would be for me, too. On my budget, it's easier for me to plan ahead trips to the grocery if I have to plan ahead for fundage to make it happen.

If I don't have money for gas, the car sits still. Plain and simple. I've got legs and a bus pass with stored value on it.

Emergency expenditures:

+ emergency health care procedure (I don't have insurance right now)

Non-emergency expenditures:

+ car repairs
+ pretty much anything that isn't a monthly bill or emergency health care need

That's the best I can come up with for right now. :)

Most of my entertainment needs are fulfilled at home. I have a lot of consoles and video games at home. I rarely buy new titles. I have a TON of DVDs, many that I own and have never even watched! I love reading books, and libraries are free! I don't drink coffee or smoke cigarettes. Those would definitely fall under luxury spending if I did. :P

I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Post those lists, people! I'm starting my budget on Thursday, October 22nd. That's my next payday. When are yours?